The IUU, Dehradun has a fleet of very comfortable vehicles for pick and drop of our students as well as staff from different corners of the city. Our transport fleet includes:
Six University buses
Six commercial vehicles 
One ambulance fully fitted with emergency requirements
The fleet is taken care of by the transport in-charge and the drivers & conductors are on University rolls.
TRANSPORT FEE 2019-20 (For 10 Months):
Particulars Amount (INR)
Transport Fee (Annual) 22,000
Total 22,000
  • The University has its own buses and provides pick up and drop facilities to the students. Students desirous of availing bus facility may fill up the prescribed form attached hereto.
  • The student has to opt for the available pickup/drop point at the time of applying for the transport facility.
  • Transport facility and transport fees are applicable for one academic year.
  • Students will be issued Transport ID cards at the time of allocation of transport facility and must carry the Transport ID card with themselves to prove identity, whenever required.
  • The transport route and pick/drop points are planned considering the best benefit for the entire community using the University Transport system. However, the final route and schedule are entirely at the discretion of the University Authorities.
  • The Transport timings pick up and departure from University Campus are fixed and announced at the beginning of each academic year.
  • The University shall provide only one round of pickup and drop facility to all designated points of the town to entitled students of various programs. Specific drop facility will not be provided to students who may wish to leave early from the University due to any circumstances. The drop facility shall only be provided at 4:45 pm to students.
  • Transport fees are neither refundable nor adjustable under any circumstances.
  • Transportation routes and timings may be altered keeping in view its requirements during examination and other special activities of the University.
  • Misbehavior with fellow passengers, faculty, staff or any transport staff will be treated as misconduct and shall invite disciplinary action.
  • Intoxicants, Liquor, Tobacco, Explosive and/or weapons (knife etc.) cannot be kept /used by the student. Any violation will result in disciplinary action including expulsion from the University.
  • Students must always be in University uniform while boarding the bus.
Transport Fee Policy
  • The Transport Fee for the academic year 2019-20.
  • In the event of a student withdrawing from the transport facility before the commencement of the Program or 31st July 2019 (whichever is earlier), the complete transport fee deposited by the student will be refunded after deducting Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One thousand only) towards processing charges.
  • In cases where withdrawal is submitted after the commencement of the program or 1st August 2019 (whichever is earlier), no refund shall be made under any circumstances.
  • If a student has availed transportation facility even for one day in a calendar month, then the transport fee for that calendar month shall also be deducted.
  • Withdrawal will be applicable from the next month of the application submission date.

 Student Transport Application Form