Mass Communication Labs

The Mass Communication labs of the University are the best in the region. These are equipped with high-tech, modern audio-visual, photo and print media equipments.

Print Media Lab
Print Media is growing at a fast speed to provide day to day informative and knowledge based inputs to the readers. The Lab has a number of computers with Internet facilities. In the lab, the students learn the techniques of news paper production e.g. lay-out, use of graphics and bit maps through different latest professional software. The students are able to use this facility widely for developing a laboratory News Paper. The students learn how to write the news stories, reports, and how to edit and place these suitably on various pages along with photographs in the laboratory News Paper.

Radio Lab
The students have been provided with a sound studio to build up their capabilities in producing Radio news, Radio features, Radio Interviews, Radio entertainment programs etc. This gives them an excellent opportunity for becoming effective Radio Announcer, RJ and Sound editor in Radio Broadcasting.

Television Lab
It is a mini Television Studio that is used to impart practical training and experience in various kinds of Television Program Production. Here students learn the functioning of a TV studio, Studio production techniques, Studio commands, and Lighting & studio camera operations. Students also practice the operations of audio equipment, lighting equipment etc. They also face camera while participating in news reading, anchoring and panel discussions.

Computer Lab
Newspapers and Electronic Media in today's scenario are completely unimaginable without the use of computer graphics. To keep in pace with the market trends, our computer lab is fully equipped with latest professional graphic software. Here students brush up their talent and creativity by practicing in the lab.

We state with confidence and pride that the panoramic view of the green Himalayas range visible from the Mass Communication Studio is unparalleled and rare, and perhaps the best in the state.