Seminar Hall
Seminar Halls are one of the major assets of IMS Unison University. We have made every effort in creating 3 Seminar Halls that are fully equipped in every aspect. Each and every Seminar Hall is fully equipped with:
  • Fully Air-Conditioned
  • Adequate Lighting Arrangements
  • Proper Presentation Screen
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Wireless Microphone (Mic) and other Sound Arrangements
  • PA System
    All of these are used not only by the professors and the students of IUU but also by the external personas that come to give presentation in our University.
    It is suitable for conferences, symposia, seminars, presentations, performances, knowledge sharing sessions, special assemblies, special functions, workshops etc. It is in high demand for conducting the activities of the University. Seminar presentations are also intended for the improvement of technical knowledge of students.
    These seminar halls is designed to provide students with a low pain, big gain opportunity to learn strategies to develop the academic skills and personal attributes needed to be successful.. In addition to providing information on a selected topic, the seminar atmosphere offers students the opportunity to interact and ask questions related to their individual concerns about the subject.