Moot Court

Legal profession bears the responsibility to secure justice along with maintaining the ethics and morals of the profession. The aura of this profession bestows light and by showing the right path to secure justice. The university pledges to retain and maintain the glory of this noble profession. The university strives to integrate the theory and practice of law in the course curriculum setting through moot court activities.

A moot court is a co-curricular activity in which law students take part in simulated court proceedings, which usually involves drafting briefs (or memorials) and participating in oral argument. It aims at developing the overall skills necessary for professional development of law students, their career and belief in purity of this profession. Moot court is focused solely on the application of the law to a common set of evidentiary assumptions to which the students must be acquainted with.

Moot court has been fashioned as a unique opportunity for confluence of ideas in the fast growing field of law and advocacy in India. The areas covered in moot courts are replete with opportunities for significant academic research and is emerging as a niche area in the practice of law.

Apart from regular in-house moot court sessions our students have been regularly participating in The K. K. Luthra Memorial Moot Court i.e. held at the Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, in the 3rd weekend of January each year. This Competition is the only exclusive criminal law Moot Court held in India.