Legal Aid Centre

Our School of law is striving and moving ahead towards the concern of legal awareness, among the community members.

About 70% of the people are living in rural areas and are not aware of the rights conferred upon them by law. Even substantial numbers of literate people living in cities do not know what are their rights and duties under the law. It is this absence of legal awareness which is responsible for the deception, exploitation and deprivation of rights and benefits, from which the people suffer in the state and at the same time they are ignorant of their obligations towards the Nation. The miserable condition in which the people find themselves can be alleviated to some extent by creating legal awareness amongst the people. A legal aid cell established in the University is a step ahead in the same direction under The Legal Services Authority Act, 1987.

Our Legal Aid Centre has conducted camps at Naya Gaon, Johri Gaon, Paundha village, Mussoorie, and in a slum area of Bapunagar, Dehradun. In addition to camp activity the cell also involves in providing free legal advice and services to those in need.

Our law students and faculty members regularly give free legal aid and guidance to the people on various legal issues. Besides the social service, it provides a great learning environment to the students and helps them to understand the practical aspects of legal issues.