Guest Lecture Series by Dr. William B. Stroube and Ms.Katherine K. Stroube (16 Feb,2017)

Dr. William B. Stroube is Professor of Health Services Administration and Director of the Health Services Administration, Graduate and Under Graduate Programmes, University of Evansville, Indiana, USA.

Dr. Stroube is taking a series of lectures in Human Resource Management for MBA Trimester III students at the IMS Unison University campus. He elaborated upon the role and importance of the course in Human Resources in personal and professional lives to the students. He highlighted the structural differences, rigidity versus flexibility in Human Resource practices in public and private sectors respectively. The lecture covered examples of human resource functions in different parts of the world which were explained through various anecdotes. Dr. Stroube emphasized upon the fact that the people are the largest assets of any organization and the organisations that care for their people are the ones that are the most successful. In coming lectures, Dr. Stroube would be dealing with Strategic Human Resource Management, importance of Human Resource Management and the corresponding legal issues in USA and India. 

It was an interactive session with the MBA students and topics of practical significance from industry were covered. Students came up with their queries which were duly answered and they felt enlightened. 

Ms.Katherine K. Stroube is a Mathematics and Physics teacher at Evansville Day School, Indiana, USA. She holds an MS degree in Nuclear Engineering from University of Maryland, College Park, USA.

Ms.Katherine Stroube is taking a series of lectures in Mathematics for Integrated BBA-MBA Semester II students and in Cross Cultural Communication for the students of School of Mass Communication. She interacted with the students of Integrated BBA-MBA and addressed their queries regarding practical applications of various mathematical tools including Set Theory. Drawing from real life examples, she explained the types of sets and their usage to the students. She will be dealing with Logarithms in her future lectures with the IMBA students.

The session was an enriching one for the students. They gained not just subject knowledge but also the practical application of the subject related tools through this experience.