Sportathlon 2017- Day 2 (22 Feb,2017)

Day 2 of Sportathlon 2017, the Annual Sports Meet of IMS Unison University was a bricolage of many sports events played by the students of the University. The students triumphed victoriously in different sports in various categories. From Badminton to Cricket preliminaries, and the nail-biting pre-finals of indoor games including chess, the day was eventful and full of energy. The students cheered for their teams and rejoiced at their victory. The day was full of fun and zeal.

The results at the end of Day 2 were as follows:

Kho Kho: Boys- School of Management (Winner), School of Law (Runner Up)

Singles (Boys)- Ghanshyam  School of Law(winner), Rishabh Madan, School of Management (Runner up)
Singles (Girls)- Sukrity Swami, School of Mass communication (winner), Nishi Jain, School of Law (Runner up)
Doubles (Boys)- Amosh Singh & Mayank Bihani, School of Management (Winner)
Ghanshyam & Shivam Wadhwa, School of Law (Runner up)
Doubles (Girls)- Bhawna Tiwari & Srishti Aswal, School of Management (Winner)
Diksha Bahuguna & Lata Pandey School of Management  (Runner up)
Volleyball: Boys- School of Management (Winner), School of Law (Runner Up)

Basketball: Boys- School of Law (Winner), School of Management (Runner Up)
Girls- School of Mass communication (Winner), School of Management (Runner Up)