Guest Lecture by Dr. William B. Stroube and Ms. Katherine K. Stroube (28 Feb,2017)

The School of Mass Communication organized the special guest lectures by renowned international educationist Prof. Katherine Stroube and Prof. Bill Stroube (USA). They delivered lectures on the topic "Media and Cross Cultural Communication". 

The lecturers had come all the way from Evansville, Indiana to interact with the students of School of Mass communication. The discussion was interactive, where the experts shared personal stories, viewpoints and showed how the media affects us all across the globe, and helps in breaking cultural barriers. They explained how Cross-cultural interactions across educational boundaries have been enhanced in asynchronous learning networks. 

The issue of cross-cultural communication is fundamental in asynchronous learning research since the learners involved have significant communication norms that are distinctly different across cultures. The influence wielded by the cultural values of individual and group learners can impact upon the learning process. They also emphasized the role and potential of mass media as vehicle for global understanding. The students were pleased to attend the productive session and learnt a lot from the dynamic knowledge and rich experiences of the international experts.