Best out of waste competition by SoHM - Lamhe 2018 (06 Dec,2018)

Creative hands and imagination minds come together for a creative burst of energy at the event of “Best out of waste” on 6-12-2018 at Lamhe in IMS UNISON UNIVERSITY, organized by “School of Hospitality Management”. 

In the event total 6 teams participated out of them 2 teams chosen by the respected judges for the position of winner and runner up, the winner team made up the chandelier using disposable glasses and the runner up team made the Popcorn machine using empty cans of coke and aluminum foil, the chief guest of the event was Professor Gurdip Singh chancellor of the IMS Unison University . 

The aim of the Event is to make students understand about the importance of preserving the environment and to learn more about sustainability. Students use reusable and recyclable materials like newspapers, shoe boxes, bangles, ice cream stick’s and much more. From these items, they created an amazing array of display items and useful everyday objects leaving everyone totally impressed. The values like preservation, recycling, conservation, reduce, reuse etc are imbibed on the young heart and minds by demonstrating this noble act of caring our environment. The winners were Sonali & Deepika of MBA.