Model United Nations - Lamhe 2018 (08 Dec,2018)

Third day of the event and the School of law organized its mega event, Model United Nations in Lamhe- 2018. The event saw an overwhelming response, with participation of different Universities including Banaras Hindu University, MNLU Aurangabad and Law College, Dehradun. The participants represented various countries in the Disarmament and International Security Council of the United Nations. The agenda for discussion was ‘The protection of non-nuclear weapon states form use or threat of use of nuclear weapons’. The event was chaired by experienced student Executive Board members, Ms. Ayushi Srivastava, Ms. Shristhi Sharma and Mr. Paras Singhal, who grilled the participants and sought the clarity of thoughts, as the discussion extended. 

The best Delegate award was presented to the representative of India, Satvik Nijhon, from Law College Dehradun. Other awards given were High Commendation, Special Mention and Verbal Mention. The event ended with the group photograph of winning participants and the organizing team.