Management Guidelines
PRAGYAAN: Journal of Management
It is an open access biannual Journal of IMS Unison University, Dehradun. It publishes quality articles which address various facets of Management in a balanced manner. The journal strives to seek ways to harness the power of technology to meet some of real world challenges, and to provide substance for making informed judgments on important matters. The articles are invited from academicians, practitioners and research scholars.
Guidelines for Contributors
A soft copy of the manuscript formatted in MS Word should be sent as submission for publication in the journal.
Each manuscript should be accompanied by a declaration of the author that the paper has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere.
The whole document should be in Times New Roman, single column, 1.5 line spacing, and font size 12 unless specified otherwise.
Page size should be 7"x9.25", justified on the page, and top and bottom margins as 0.75”. The number of pages should not exceed 20.
All paragraph headings should be in 12 font size and Bold.
All tables must be consecutively numbered using Arabic numerals with appropriate titles, and placed wherever these are discussed. Table caption should be above the table. Figure caption should be below the figure. These captions should follow Times New Roman 11 font size.
Write numbers in figures (rather than words) for exact measurement and series of quantities,  including percentages. Use thousands and millions rather than lakhs and crores.
Title of the paper should be in Times New Roman 14 font size, and Bold.
Author names should be in 12 font size and Bold, followed by affiliations in normal 12 font size font size. Names of different authors must be in different rows. First author will be considered for all communication purposes.
First Page of the document should contain Title and Authors names followed by 4-5 lines about each author. Nothing else should be written on this page.
Articles which are published should not be reproduced or reprinted in any form either in full or in part without the prior permission of the editor.
Wherever copyrighted material is used, the authors should be accurate in reproduction and obtain permission from the copyright holders, if necessary.
Papers submitted or presented in a seminar must be clearly indicated at the bottom of the first page.
The articles can fall into any one of the following types: research based articles on management, case studies, book reviews, letters to the editors, or interviews with academicians/gurus/CEOs.
All articles should include an abstract of about 150 words, and a few key words.
Contributors are advised to be brief in introducing the subject and devote most of the paper to the principal theme. The Journal encourages papers based on original data and fresh theoretical insights. References to previous works should be made economically. The Journal does not publish survey of literature comprising lengthy bibliographical references.
Book review must contain the name of the author, and place of publication & publisher, date of publication, number of pages and price of the book reviewed
Do not include headers and footers or page numbers in your submission. These will be added when the publications are compiled.
19.The format of references for journals and books should be as follows :
Panther, J. G., "Compulsive buying behavior", "Pragyaan: Journal of Management", Vol. 10, Issue 1, June 2012, pp10-15.
Panther, J. G., Digital Communications, 3rd ed., Addison-Wesley, San Francisco, CA (1999).
Manuscripts are accepted for publication on the understanding that they are subject to editorial revisions. Proofs will not be sent to the authors.
Authors will receive a complimentary copy of the journal.
A soft copy of the manuscript formatted in MS Word should be addressed to:

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