MBA (Master of Business Administration) 
(Full Time Postgraduate Program)
Duration : Two Years (Trimester Based)
About the Program

Master of Business Administration program offered by the University is a two year degree program. It prepares executives with skills, knowledge and strategic perspectives essential to the leadership of business anywhere in the world. It is designed to provide strong functional skills and the ability to apply, adapt and integrate those skills in different management settings.  It is designed to help working executives to get equipped with a range of analytical, strategic, leadership & business skills that help them operate successfully in the corporate environment. The program offers ample choice of dual specializations in any of the two selected areas such as: Marketing, HR, Finance, International Business, Retail, Operations, Entrepreneurship and Family Business.

The objective of the program is to help the participants develop managerial skills to face challenges of globalized world; develop them as business leaders; and provide them promotional avenues and skills to effectively manage their professional portfolios.

 The salient features of the program include:
A week long Foundation program to build strong base in technical subjects such as Finance, Business Statistics, Computer Fundamentals and Basics of Management.
Case Based Teaching Pedagogy.
Regular Guest lectures by renowned speakers from across the globe.
International linkages for the faculty/student exchange programs.
Regular Personality Development Programs and Workshops by lead corporate trainers.
Value Added Programs
To enhance the professional skills of our students and give them a competitive advantage, the University provides an array of value added programs with leading training partners. Certifications are provided on successful completion of these Programs. In addition, programs focused on enhancing communication skills and personality development are also provided. The following programs are provided to the MBA students:
a SAP Program: IMS Unison University has an academic alliance with SAP India Pvt. Ltd. to offer a certification program which introduces the participants to SAP provides them with the basic knowledge of SAP and also equips them with the SAP modules related to their functional area of specialization in Management. At the end of this 60 hours program, a joint certificate from SAP India Pvt. Ltd. and IMS Unison University is awarded to the students. This Programme shall be delivered for the students of MBA (Dual Specialization) only.
b Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program: IMS Unison University has an agreement with Benchmark Six Sigma Company to offer Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Certification Program to its MBA students. As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professional, the student will be capable enough to form and facilitate project teams and lead Six Sigma projects from start to completion. Upon the successful completion of this 32 hours program a certificate by Benchmark Six Sigma is awarded to the students.
c National Study Tour: IMS Unison University organizes study tours in India for its students which are focused on corporate exposure that is a must for budding professionals to be familiar with the real corporate environment and understand the challenges faced by modern industry. These tours facilitate interface with the corporate professionals and executives, besides visit to various historical places of tourist interest. Interaction with dignified faculty members of the top Universities are also organized during these tours.
d International Study Tour (Optional): International Study Tour will be organized for those students who choose this option and make the additional Fee payment as a part of the 1st Year annual fee (2nd Installment). Organization of this tour shall be subject to a minimum number of enrollments of 30 participants.

e Personality Development Program: Programs on personality development are provided across three trimesters of study. These programs sharpen the communication skills and overall personality development of the students through practical exercises. The Program with inputs for career planning, improves students’ motivation towards their degrees as a link between their University experience and their future working career, thereby making them more ‘Industry-ready’. A joint certificate by the training partner and IMS Unison University is awarded to the students upon successful completion of the program.
Workshops & Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are an integral part of the program curriculum where seminars/workshops on relevant functional areas are conducted on regular basis, including the following:

Workshop on "Business Etiquettes"
Motivational Lecture Series on 'Power Within'
Workshop on ‘How to handle Case Studies’
Seminar on 'Global Recession and Indian Economy'
Guest Lectures on 'Brand Cannibalization'
Workshop on "The C3™ Concept"
Panel Discussion on 'Recession and its Impact on Indian Economy'
Workshops on 'Competency Mapping'
Seminars on ‘Changing Dimensions of Indian Business’
HR Conclave on ‘Contemporary Issues & Challenges in Global HRM’
Workshop on ‘Opportunities abroad for Management Students’
Seminar on ‘Managing Bottom of Pyramid for Economic Development’
Workshop on 'GD and Interview Skills'
Corporate Training on 'Believe in Yourself'
Workshop on ‘Marketing Research
Panel Discussion ‘Hiring for Character & Competence’
Debates on various topics like ‘Multinationals and globalization bring good and bad things’, ‘Managers should also be excellent psychologists’, and ‘Capitalism is not a fair society’ etc.
Workshop on ‘Soft Skills & Personality Development’
Presentation on ‘The Lehmann Crash’
Seminar on ‘Managing in the Global Market Place’
Extempore on ‘Has globalization really worked?’, ‘Management is what managers do’ and ‘Is India really shining?’ etc.
Workshop on “Communication in Global Business Scenario”
Seminar on ‘Changing Trends in International Business’
Workshops on ‘Coaching & Mentoring for High Achievement’
Personality development Programs for Management Students
Role Plays & Quiz Competitions on Various Issues in Business
The interns from IMS Unison University are placed with organizations of repute for 4-6 weeks, at the end of third trimester. Internship is a rigorous project assignment during which they gain practical hands-on experience and benefit from networking opportunities. The Internship component of the MBA program at University aims at minimizing the gap between knowing and doing and thus produces industry ready professionals. It provides a valuable platform to orient the students with different management functions in eminent organizations. The Internship is a powerful source of gaining practical industrial experience that helps to become leaders of tomorrow. Field based Internship provides linkage between theoretical concepts and current practices. Also, it promotes industry-institutional alliances. Each student on completion of this Internship program submits a project report under the guidance of a mentor from the Industry and the University. This project report is followed by a presentation by each student using AV aids, as a part of his/her curriculum.

The in-house faculty regularly mentors the students on various issues related to their personal and academic life. To compliment this, the students regularly meet the top notch leaders from global corporate to understand the dynamics of different industries in the light of national and international market dynamics. This provides a platform where the stalwarts of the industry contribute towards nurturing the students to attain personal and professional excellence. The exposure helps in the holistic development of the individuals.
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