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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)
(Full Time/Part Time Doctoral Program)

About the Program
The Ph.D program of the University in Management discipline is rigorous, multidisciplinary and broad in scope. This Doctor of Philosophy program is targeted at research scholars, members of teaching fraternity in Universities and Institutions of higher learning, and professionals from private and public sectors. The intensity of the program demands energy and zeal in the pursuit of greater insight into the chosen topic and a willingness to master all essential components of academic research. It covers doctoral research in a variety of business related areas such as: Accounting and Management, Business Economics, Marketing, Finance, HR & Organizational Behavior, Information Technology, Innovation & Technology Management, Technology & Operations Management, International Trade & Trade Policy Issues (including WTO) and Logistic & Supply Chain Management. The main objective of the Ph.D Program is to promote higher learning and advanced research in areas relating to Management and Allied disciplines.

All the candidates registered for Ph.D program need to complete the pre Ph.D course work. The Thesis can be submitted within a minimum period of 3 years. There are 5 seats in Full Time/Part Time Ph.D program.

The program is approved by UGC, New Delhi.
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