Scholarship Policy for Session 2017-18
IMS Unison University recognizes the meritorious students by providing different types of financial aid in the form of Scholarship at the time of admission. As a social responsibility, the University promotes and encourages the youth of the State of Uttarakhand for higher education by facilitating them with Scholarship. The University Scholarship details are as follows:

A. Scholarship for Uttarakhand Category Candidates:

    • Priority is given to Uttarakhand domicile candidates upto 40% of the intake in each program.
    • 26% scholarship on tuition fee only is given to Uttarakhand Domicile candidates who shall seek admission as per clause mentioned above, for the complete duration of the program.

    • This scholarship shall be claimed by a candidate at the time of admission only, alongwith valid domicile certificate issued by the prescribed authority of the State Government of Uttarakhand and on availability of a seat under the Uttarakhand category in the program chosen at the University. No claim, whatsoever, will be entertained without a valid Domicile certificate or once the admission is granted under All India Category.
    • In this category, scholarship will be granted on first come first serve basis up to 40% seats to candidates depositing complete fees and deposits at the time of admission, thereafter, the students holding the Uttarakhand domicile status shall be admitted under All India category only.


    • Admission category defined at the time of admission will remain unchanged during the total duration of the program under any circumstances whatsoever.

B. Scholarship for All India Category Candidates:

(Scholarships for the first year of Under Graduate Program Only)

For Meritorious Candidates:

    • The merit based scholarship is offered to a candidate seeking admission under All India category in Undergraduate Program and shall be applicable for first year of the program only.
    • The merit based scholarship will be applicable on tuition fee only and is awarded as per the following criteria:
    Scholarship Offered Criteria for Scholarship – Applicable for All Undergraduate Programs
    100% of Tuition Fee Aggregate marks of 95% and above in Class XII Board Examination
    (Excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-written subjects)
    50% of Tuition Fee Aggregate marks of 90% - 94.99% in Class XII Board Examination
    (Excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-written subjects)
    20% of Tuition Fee Aggregate marks of 80% - 89.99 % in Class XII Board Examination
    (Excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-written subjects)
    10% of Tuition Fee Aggregate marks of 75% - 79.99 % in Class XII Board Examination
    (Excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts/ Vocational/ Non-written subjects)
    • This scholarship shall not be given to a candidate with compartment/back paper in Class XII Board Examination.

Specific Conditions:

    • Scholarships are not a matter of right of any candidate seeking admission to the University and the award of the scholarship shall be the sole prerogative of the University.
    • A candidate shall be given only one of the above scholarships based on the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria as prescribed by the University.
    • The scholarship shall be withdrawn if the student is found guilty of violating any of the ordinances and policies of the University or is found guilty and punished in any act of indiscipline in the University. In such a case, the concerned student shall be liable to refund all amount received as Scholarship from the University from the date of admission.
    • In case the student is repeating the Year I of the program the scholarship shall not be applicable to him under any circumstances whatsoever.
    • The scholarship being offered is subject to scrutiny of the applicable document in original and final approval of the Competent Authority.
    • The scholarship category once allotted at the time of admission will not be changed under any circumstances whatsover.
    • In addition to the University scholarships mentioned above, a student may apply to the scholarship provided by the Social Welfare Department of their respective State. However, the University has no role or responsibility to facilitate this scholarship or to liaison with the department under any circumstances.
    • The University reserves the right to alter/withdraw the scholarship without any explanation/notice.
    • The decision of the Vice Chancellor on any matters relating to the University Scholarship policy will be final and is not open to question.
    • All disputes arising out of or in connection with this are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Dehradun only.
    • Scholarship seats are limited. The mentioned percentages are only the eligibility to apply for scholarship. Candidates securing above percentages are required to fill University Application form. In absence of relevant mark sheets direct admission and scholarship application will not be considered. Final decision of granting scholarship is with the scholarship committee.