"IUU Communiqué" is a popular quarterly Newsletter of IMS Unison University, Dehradun. The newsletter aims to provide information about the activities and initiatives of the university to its staff, students, academic institutions, corporate world, and other stakeholders. It provides a window into the university life which comprises of various events from diverse fields of academics and research.   

It showcases the information about numerous activities like workshops, seminars, academic co-curricular events, cultural and sports events, social activities for the community and many more in which the students participate. Information is also provided on various activities which focus on the holistic development and overall intellectual enhancement like guest lectures, industrial visits and various national/international study tours organized by the university.  The report of the scholastic & cultural activities organized by the university is also an important component of the Newsletter. Various FDPs, Workshops and Conferences are highlighted along with recognition of the faculty members for their contribution in the field of Research & Development.

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Campus Newspaper

"Uniosn Times" is a monthly campus newspaper published by students of School of Mass Communication, IMS Unison University, Dehradun. It gives students a real-world experience with every possible aspect of running a newspaper. The students are involved in the process of collecting, writing and presenting news, writing Editorials, Articles, Features, Columns, Cartooning, Sketching, Photography, Editing, Makeup and layout designing through Unison Times.

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