IMS Unison University

Freshers Welcome

Friday, 21st October 2022

Freshers Welcome

Fresher's Welcome to all students of IUU

Freshers’ Party for the newly admitted students of the School of Management (SOM), School of Law (SOL), School of Media and Communication Design(SOMCD), School of Liberal Arts (SOLA), School of Hospitality Management (SOHM) was organised at IMS Unison University in Block I, Seminar Hall on October 21-22.

The event was inaugurated by Pro - Vice Chancellor Dr. Ravikesh Srivastava. Among other dignitaries present at the event were Prof. Vinay Rana, Dean Student Affairs, Prof. Amit Adlakha, Dean, School of Management, Dr. Sushil Rai, Associate Dean and Head, SOMCD, Prof. Ashish Verma, Dean, School of Law, Prof. Swati Bisht, Dean Admissions and faculty members. The students were dressed in stunning attires in line with the dress code of western formals for boys and gowns for girls. A variety of performances including dances, guitar recitals, a shirt play, songs were presented. The Fashion Show by the freshers was the highlight of the party. Vice-Chancellor Brigadier (Dr) M Srinivasan felicitated the winners of the event.


Day 1

The following titles were awarded to:

Ms. and Mr. Fresher Winner: Deepanshika Thapa(SOM) & Naman(SOM)

Ms. and Mr. Fresher Runners Up: Anjalika(SOM) & Rangsen Tamang(SOHM)

Ms. & Mr. Spark: Khushi(SOLA)& Thupden(SOLA)

Ms. & Mr. Best dressed: Khushi(SOLA) Aveesh(SOM)

Ms. & Mr. Confident Walk: Tanuja Verma(SOM) & Devesh Gairola(SOHM)

Ms. & Mr: Talented: Shivani(SOM) & Parth(SOM)


Day 2

The following titles were awarded to:

Ms. and Mr. Fresher Winner: Rishika Arya (SOMCD)& Shashank Aswal(SOMCD)

Ms. and Mr. Fresher Runners Up: Asmi Arora(IMBA) & Khevan(SOLA)

Ms. & Mr. Spark: Khushi Raj(SOMCD) & Navdeep Sharma(SOL)

Ms. & Mr. Best dressed: Anshika Verma (SOMCD) & Tushar Singh Rawat(IMBA)