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Integrated Program in Management (IPM)

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The Integrated Program in Management (IPM) program is a semester-based master's degree program, for students keen to pursue a career in management. It is a rigorous program with a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide a strong foundation to students for attaining the knowledge base required to grasp the concepts and practices of management. The core and specialization courses of a conventional two-year PG MBA program are all incorporated in the curriculum of the five-year integrated master's program, lending both breadth and depth to the program, while maintaining high quality and intensity. A choice of dual specialization is offered, like the options available in the regular MBA program, along with the value addedinputs and study tour options available therein. Close mentoring by faculty and excellent placements

Why pursue an Integrated Program in Management (IPM) from IMS Unison University?

  • 1- Catch them young philosophy gives the career an early direction and ensures strong roots.
  • 2- Curriculum and syllabus: It is designed and delivered with the same rigour, depth and choice in specializations as the MBA program. Thus, overall there is a saving of one year with no compromise on quality and quantity in the curriculum.
  • 3- Personal and Professional Development: The Integrated Program in Management program at the University is a fully loaded program loaded with prestigious programs and certifications like Advance MS Office Certification, for overall transformation of the student.
  • 4- Excellent Placements: IMS Unison University boasts of a consistent placement record of over 97.9% in top companies like ITC, Vodafone, AXIS Bank, HDFC Bank, Bose Corporation, Ceasefire, Transport Corporation of India Ltd.,, PayU, lnter Ocean Shipping, Reliance Retail, SAGE Publications, Audi, and many more. .
  • 5- Mentoring System: Every student is assigned a faculty mentor every academic term to track the progress of the student on a regular basis. The faculty mentor will communicate regularly with the parents to update them on the progress of their ward.
  • 6- Semester Mode: The Integrated Program in Management program is run in the Semester Mode (in line with the top B- Schools of the world) which helps the students to study more subjects in depth.

Our Program

  • Value Added Programs and Industrial Tours
  • To enhance the professional skills of our students and give them a competitive advantage, the University provides Advance MS Office with leading training partners. Certifications are provided on successful completion of these Programs.
  • National Study Tour: IMS Unison University organizes compulsory study tours for its students which are focused on corporate exposure that is a must for budding professionals to be familiar with the real corporate environment and understand the challenges faced by modern industry. These tours facilitate interface with the corporate professionals and executives, besides visit to various historical places of tourist interest.
  • International Tour (optional): Option of an International tour is given to the students to give them a global exposure.

Career Opportunities

  • MBAs from IMS Unison University have always enjoyed a priority status with all our regular recruiters. An Integrated Program in management degree prepares the students early for promising roles in the corporate world or a higher degree from India or abroad. Integrated Program in Management graduates have a wide range of career paths- Sales, Services, FMCG, Finance, Banking, Operations, and Logistics- to mention a few key sectors. Graduates are also well equipped to build their family businesses or ventures as entrepreneurs and create their own business

Apply Online

  • Online at the University website:
    After filling the "Registration Form”, the candidate has to pay a Registration Fee of Rs. 1000/- either online through Debit Card / Credit Card /Net Banking or cash at the Cash Counter of the University. On successful payment of Registration Fee, a receipt will be generated by the system. You will have to save this Registration number for all your future reference. You are required to scan and email this receipt along with documents to along with the scanned copies of all the documents required.
    Alternatively, the student can also download the Registration Form from the website or procure it from the University Admission office, fill it up completely, attach the necessary documents and send it with a Bank Demand Draft of Rs 1000/- drawn in favour of IMS Unison University payable at Dehradun and send it at the postal address of the University.
  • The Registration Fee is non-refundable under any circumstance whatsoever. Registering to a program does not guarantee admission.
  • After the successful registration to the Program chosen, our admission team will check the seat availability and your eligibility for the admission. If you meet the admission criteria, you will be contacted to proceed further as per the Admission procedure of the program.
  • You shall remain in constant touch with our Admission office to know about the status of your Admission.
  • Admission Process:
    General Aplitude Test & Personal Interview.
  • Interested candidates can Admission themselves at the University website or download the registration form, fill it and send it through post or personally visit the University Admission Office to complete the Admission Process.
  • All eligible candidates will have to appear for a round of General Aplitude Test & Personal Interview. Merit will be formed on the basis of marks scored in class XII, GAT and PI Scores.

Online application process


Fill and confirm the Registration Form


Pay Registration Fee using any online method


Get Registration No. on successful payment

Download fee document Integrated Program in Management (IPM)

Fee (2023-24)


40% Seats of the intake in the program are reserved for UK Domicile candidates and will be allotted purely on first come first serve basis. The decision of the University in this respect is not open to question

Integrated Program in Management (IPM)

Program Curriculum

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 MBI 101 Management Concepts and Principles
2 MBI 102 Financial Accounting
3 MBI 103 Managerial Economics
4 MBI 104 Business Statistics
5 MBI 105 Business Statistics
6 MBI 106 Computer Applications in Business
7 MBI 107 Modern Indian Language & Culture
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 MBI 201 Macroeconomics
2 MBI 202 Management Accounting
3 MBI 203 Organizational Behaviour
4 MBI 204 Marketing Management
5 MBI 205 Business Environment
6 MBI 206 Digital Marketing
7 MBI 207 Communication Skills
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 MBI 301 Legal Aspects of Business
2 MBI 302 Human Resource Management
3 MBI 303 Financial Management
4 MBI 304 Operations Research
5 MBI 305 International Business
6 MBI 306 Environmental Science
7 MBI 307 Data Management
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 MBI 401 Indian Economy
2 MBI 402 Company Law
3 MBI 403 Business Research Methods
4 MBI 404 Production Operations Management
5 MBI 405 Sustainability in Management
6 MBI 406 Personality Development Soft Skills
7 MBI 407 Functional English
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 MBI 501 Project Management
2 MBI 502 Emotional Intelligence Managerial Effectiveness
3 MBI 503 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
4 Specialization I- Core 2
5 Specialization II- Core 2
6 MBI 504 Indian Constitution
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 MBI 601 Entrepreneurship
2 MBI 602 Organizational Change Development
3 MBI 603 Teamwork Leadership
4 Specialization I- Core 2
5 Specialization II- Core 2
6 MBI 604 Yoga Life Skills

At the end of Trimester VI, every student will undergo a mandatory Social Project (SSP) for a period of 6-8 weeks

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 MBI 701 Total Quality Management
2 MBI 702 Management Information System
3 MBI 703 Design Thinking Innovation
4 Specialization I- Core 3
5 Specialization II- Core 3
6 MBI 704 S Summer Internship Project Report Viva-Voce
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 MBI 801 Business Ethics Corporate Governance
2 Specialization I- Elective 1
3 Specialization II- Elective 1
4 Specialization I- Elective 2
5 Specialization II- Elective 2
6 MBI 802 S Capstone Project
S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 MBI 901 Strategic Management
2 Specialization I- Elective 3
3 Specialization II- Elective 3
4 MBI 903S Dissertation Phase-I

At the end of Trimester IX, every student will undergo a mandatory Student Internship Program (SIP) for a period of 6-8 weeks

S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 MBI 1001 Dissertation Phase-II
2 MBI 1002 S Comprehensive Viva
3 On Job Training

Specialization Areas


S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 MKT 601 C Product and Brand Management
2 MKT 602 C Consumer Behaviour
3 MKT 603 C Marketing of Services
1 MKT 604 E Integrated Marketing Communication
2 MKT 605 E Digital Marketing
3 MKT 606 E Sales and Sales Force Management
4 MKT 607 E Marketing Analytics
5 MKT 608 E International Marketing


S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 HRD 609 C Performance Management and Appraisal
2 HRD 610 C Industrial Relations and Labor Law
3 HRD 611 C Emotional Intelligence and Managerial

1 HRD 612 E Principles of Leadership
2 HRD 613 E Human Resource Planning and Development
3 HRD 614 E Human Resource Management in Service Sector
4 HRD 615 E Talent Management


S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 RET 616 C Retail Store Management
2 RET 617 C Retail Sales and Category Management
3 RET 618 C e-Retailing
1 RET 619 E Retail Branding and CRM
2 RET 620 E Retail Supply Chain Management
3 RET 621 E Space Planning and Mall Management
4 RET 622 E International Retail Management
5 RET 623 E Mall Dynamics and Management
6 RET 624 E Retail Marketing


S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 FNM 625 C Investment Management
2 FNM 626 C Investment Advisor I
3 FNM 627 C Equity Derivative
1 FNM 628 E Investment Advisor II
2 FNM 629 E Fixed Income Securities and Money Market
3 FNM 630 E Banking and Insurance
4 FNM 631 E Behavioral Finance
5 FNM 632 E Corporate Risk Management
6 FNM 633 E Financial Analytics


S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 INB 634 C Intercultural Management
2 INB 635 C International Trade & Export management
3 INB 636 C International Marketing
1 INB 637 E Foreign Exchange Management
2 INB 638 E International Human Resource Management
3 INB 639 E International Trade Law
4 INB 640 E International Financial Management


S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 OPM 641 C Supply Chain Management
2 OPM 642 C Service Operations Management
3 OPM 643 C Lean Manufacturing
1 OPM 644 E Total Quality Management
2 OPM 645 E Operations Strategy
3 OPM 646 E Strategic Sourcing and Procurement


S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 BUA 647 C Data Analytics with R
2 BUA 648 C Business Intelligence and Data warehousing
3 BUA 649 C Data Mining and Machine Learning
1 BUA 650 E Business Intelligence concepts, tools, and applications
2 BUA 651 E Financial Analytics
3 BUA 652 E Big Data Analytics
4 BUA 653 E Marketing Analytics


S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 LAS 654 C Supply Chain Management
2 LAS 655 C Logistics Management
3 LAS 656 C Modeling for Decision Making in Supply Chain
1 LAS 657 E Global Supply Chain & Logistics
2 LAS 658 E Shipping & Warehousing Management
3 LAS 659 E Logistics and Supply Chain Information System


S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 FBE 660 C Entrepreneurship Development
2 FBE 661 C Family Business Management
3 FBE 662 C Feasibility Study & Business Plan
1 FBE 663 E Start-up Ecosystem in India
2 FBE 664 E Entrepreneurial Marketing
3 FBE 665 E Entrepreneurial Finance


S. No. Course Code Course Name
1 ITM 666 C Database Management System
2 ITM 667 C Digital business management
3 ITM 668 C Business Intelligence and Applications
4 ITM 669 E Web Technologies
5 ITM 670 E Cyber security and Risk management
6 ITM 671 E Knowledge management and information system
7 ITM 672 E Data mining and data warehousing
8 ITM 673 E Python for managers
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