Research & Journals

Research & Publication

With a view to encourage research and disseminate the findings, the IUU publishes esteemed referred Journals in each of the three disciplines of Management, Media & Communication Design, and Law, namely, 'Pragyaan: Journal of Management', Pragyaan: Journal of Media & Communication Design' and 'Pragyaan: Journal of Law'. These Journals are biannual double blind referred research journals. The objective of these journals is to create a platform where ideas, concepts & latest thoughts related to the field of Management, Media & Communication Design and Law are articulated and shared.
The journals are dedicated to develop, promote and coordinate theory, research, and practice in the areas of Management, Media & Communication Design and Law in both Indian as well as the global context. It aims at bringing together both the academicians as well as practicing managers. These journals have already achieved great heights in academic fraternity. The articles are thought provoking and full of research based information in relevant areas.