Message from the Vice Chancellor

IMS Unison University has been a prime academic destination for students who aspire to rise. The success of our students is a testimony to our commitment to excellence in education.

The University has a proud legacy of 25 years as a premier institution for higher education. Students here are a community of enthusiastic learners. We constantly strive to establish and foster linkages with other renowned institutions to broaden the prospects of our students. Successful affiliations have already enriched our diverse culture and reinforced ethical values at every step in our endeavor and brought in academic rigour.

Our faculty has always been the strength of the University. We also invite eminent speakers from different walks of life as guest faculty. The personality development of students has been our major focus area. We offer our students a plethora of activities to sharpen their skills. University offers modern facilities to articulate their creativity and aspirations.

I look forward to our faculty contributing and students participating in the journey towards educational excellence.

Prof. Gautam Sinha

Director, IIM Kashipur
Director, LBSIM, Delhi
Professor, IIT Kharagpur, Vinod Gupta School of Management