Training & Placement Registration

The first step towards the final placement of any student (through the efforts of the University) is the Registration with the T&P Department. Each year, every student who is interested in internship and placement through the efforts of the University has to fill up the registration form from the link mentioned below. Registration to the T&P Department through the registration form is a mandatory requirement for participation in any placement activity of the University.
Registration with the department or mere submission of the form does not guarantee placement. After receiving the forms, the Placement Committee reviews all the forms and comes out with a list of eligible students who will be allowed to appear for both On/Off Campus Placements. While registering, students need to use their domain Mail IDs wherever required.
The Department puts in all the efforts to ensure that top companies are invited for both on/ off campus placement drives but at the same time continuously affirms that Training & Placement is not a matter or right for the students. It is simply an assistance that IMS Unison University, Dehradun provides to its eligible students.