School of Media and Communication Design

Faculty Seminar on Online Privacy Loss

Wednesday, 31st March 2021

Faculty Seminar on Online Privacy Loss

The School of Mass Communication organized an interactive Faculty Seminar and Paper Presentation on March 31 as part of the Faculty Seminar series.


Ms. Varsha Sisodia, Assistant Professor‚Äč, SOMC was the resource person for the seminar. The topic of the seminar was Online Privacy Loss: A Study of User Self- Efficacy Beliefs. 


Ms. Sisodia discussed how the study showed that users displayed high self-efficacy beliefs about protecting themselves from online financial fraud, identity theft, and cyberbullying while they were relatively less confident about protecting themselves from customization of the Internet, online wiretapping, cyberstalking, and information and document leaks.  Self-efficacy beliefs of the users, thus, accounted for a lower change in communication behavior and prevention of adoption of privacy protection behaviors. Topics such as the future of the internet, policymaking for the online world, prevention of cybercrimes were debated and discussed. 


The seminar then concluded with an informative Q&A session. Overall, it was an enriching session for all.